Watch Out: Jacqueline Fernandez’s Damn Hot Sexiest Moments

Jacqueline Fernandez’s Sexiest Moments
Jacqueline Fernandez’s Sexiest Moments
Jacqueline Fernandez is back and will be seen Jacqueline Fernandez’s Damn Hot Sexiest Moments starring opposite Sidharth Malhotra in A Gentleman.
The duo share Damn Hot Sexiest Moments, and we can’t wait to see them create magic on-screen. A few days ago, the film’s song Laagi Na Choote was released and it showed

Sidharth and Jacqueline share a passionate kiss

he story goes that the actors were so much into the scene, that they kept kissing even after the director said ‘Cut’.

“We were telling them that it’s a cut (the shot), but Sid and Jackie were so into the moment that they couldn’t listen and it became the longest kiss of Bollywood,” directors Raj & DK told reporters.

On his part, Sidharth admitted his admiration for Jacqueline and called her too hot to handle. “The song comes at a crucial moment in the film where the lead pair needs to fully trust each other and give into each other.

The mood is intense, it’s sensual and it needed us to be in the moment of romance. Jackie is just too hot to handle in this song,” he said in a statement.

Even Jacqueline credited Sidharth for making her feel comfortable while shooting the song.