Tom Cruise, director Christopher McQuarrie to film 2 new Mission Impossible movies back-to-back

Director-actor duo, Christopher McQuarrie and Tom Cruise will reunite for back-to-back Mission Impossible sequels, due out in 2021 and 2022.

After delivering the highest grossing and most acclaimed entry in the franchise, director Christopher McQuarrie has signed on to write and direct the next two Mission: Impossiblefilms, which will be shot back-to-back.

Variety reports that McQuarrie was in discussions with Paramount Pictures for several projects, but chose to continue his relationship with Tom Cruise and the MI series. Cruise took to Twitter to confirm the news, posting an animated logo of the series’ popular lit fuse logo, and announcing that the new films would be released in summer 2021 and summer 2022.

McQuarrie confirmed his involvement by replying to Cruise’s tweet with, “Mission accepted.” The delayed release is to accommodate Cruise’s other big franchise film, Top Gun: Maverick, currently in production under the direction of Joseph Kosinski.

The last Mission: Impossible movie, Fallout, earned almost $800 million worldwide, and received a franchise-best 97% score on review aggregator, Rotten Tomatoes. McQuarrie had also directed the fifth film, Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation.

His professional relationship with Cruise goes back several years – McQuarrie has done uncredited rewriting work on many of Cruise’s films, and was personally chosen by the actor to direct Jack Reacher. The filmmaker was lured by the DCEU, with the option to take his pick from a selection of properties, but chose to stick with Cruise and Paramount, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Mission: Impossible – Fallout recently won the Best Action Movie honour at the 2019 Critics’ Choice Awards.