Team MM Gets Ready For Fashion Week—But It Ain’t All That Pretty

Team MM Gets Ready For Fashion Week

One of the greatest things our job has given us is the opportunity to not only be free-spirited writers, individuals and amazing friends, but the fact that we can actually love our jobs every day is kinda pretty freakin‘ awesome. While nothing is ever perfect, our jobs sometimes have us working crazy hours, accepting a ton of Google Calendar invites, going for events and so on. However, for the fashion team, there are certain months in the year that we have a ton mixed feelings about… It’s called Fashion Week—call it our IPL season if you may.

It’s long, tiring, hectic, stressful, rewarding, educational, and definitely worthwhile. But to survive and come out as champions at the end can be both challenging and hard. While we do get to meet and talk to some of the best designers in the biz, drool over the newest pieces on the runway, it isn’t too hard to fall flat on our faces (fashionably, of course) by the end of day 1 itself. Exhibit A…

So, how do we survive? Well, let’s just say that there’s much needed self-prep (apart from the actual work prep) that gets us in the right mood, spirit and obviously, the outfit! Scroll down to check out the team and our prep and pro tips!

Rashmi Bhosale—The true DIY diva & sunshine girl.

Rashmi Bhosle
Though my outfits are generally low-key, I tend to at least plan what to wear on which day, a day before the fashion week begins. It’s because every day of the fashion week is so hectic, the fact that my outfit is sorted (at least in my head) calms me down.

Pro Tip:

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! It’s essential, especially when the venue is open air. Also, wearing comfy shoes is a must! This I have learnt from my mistakes.

Prashansa Daniell—Loves pretty flowers as much as her need to be equipped with a packet of hair ties.

Prashansa DaniellOther than planning my outfits and making sure I’ve had enough rest, I make sure my phone and battery pack is fully charged every morning before I head out. And always, always carry band-aids, tissue and sanitary pads in case of emergencies.

Pro Tip:

Always carry some food in a little bag (dry fruits, nuts, candy bars etc) ’cause running between covering runway shows and back stage, doing celebrity interviews etc you might forget/not have time to eat. So, the little food that you carry could be your saviour on a bad day!

Pro Tip:

I just choose the boldest lip colour to match. You’ll be surprised how a simple move like that can up your overall look, just like that.

Natasha Patel—is 5’1 but has the personality of 6’1 & loves a good meme page.

Natasha Patel The best way to keep chill on the morning of a hectic show day, is to have your outfit ready. What I usually do is, a couple of weeks/a month prior to fashion week I start adding and collecting unique pieces of clothing, accessories etc to my wardrobe. This way, it takes the pressure off getting ready even though I usually wing my look depending on the mood and vibe of that day. Then I just team up those statement pieces with my regulars and I’m good.