Rumour Has It: Meghan Markle Is Pregnant

The biggest newsmaker last week was Prince Harry‘s engagement to Suits actress (and my favourite) Meghan Markle. The Internet was on overdrive and wishes from every corner of the world poured in! The Royal Family has had many followers for years now, so of course when something as big as a wedding or engagement happens, it’s going to take over all of our news feeds.

While I had all the feels and was a little too excited with this news, a report in In Touch Magazine states that Meghan and Prince Harry might be expecting their first child soon! A source told the magazine,

And of course, according to the magazine, the reason the couple plan on getting married next summer is because of the pregnancy. Prince Harry was asked about whether he wanted to start a family at the press conference for his engagement, where he said that he’d love eventually in the future.

The Palace hasn’t reacted to the news yet but oh well, how cute would it be?! PS – Have you heard? Priyanka Chopra might be a bridesmaid at the wedding!