Priyanka Chopra Looks Oh-So-Mesmerising In Her Latest Magazine Cover


While Priyanka Chopra enjoys Italy, her publisist and friend Dana Guidoni took to Instagram with the most mesmerising picture of the A-lister. Priyanka graced the cover of Variety magazine looking so, so good. Our desi girl not only slays the game every time she’s on a magazine cover (Exhibit A), but she manages to start trends along the way as well.

On the cover of this issue, we spotted 4 things we’re ready to incorporate into our beauty look.

  1. Smouldering eyes with a hint of shimmer on the lower lash line to really open up the eyes.
  2. Muted lips that have a glossy feel to it. (Matte lips are so 2016, right?)
  3. Darker locks with hints of golden highlights.
  4. Berry nails, perfect for fall.