Photos: Mira Kapoor Revealed Shahid Kapoor’s New Look On Her Instagram


Since many days Shahid Kapoor has been spotted in public, but his face can’t be seen. No, he hasn’t joined the Faceless Men (not that we know of, but seeing his look in Padmavati, we feel he’d fit right in the Game of Thrones universe). We had a couple of theories too, but the answer is that he trimmed that thick beard and just wanted to keep his look a secret.

Last night, Shahid finally showed us all his handsome face as he clicked some nice photos with his stunning wife Mira Kapoor. The two were heading out for the night and they totally looked like a royal couple. I won’t be surprised if Mira decides to do a cameo in any of Shahid’s movies, she’s such a stunner!

Raja and his real life Rani-sa! 😍😍😍