People Expect Actresses To Sleep With Actors – Kangana Ranaut

People Expect Actresses To Sleep With Actors - Kangana Ranaut
Deepika Padukone SLAMMED with the aid of Kangana Ranaut on Actresses’s charges ! |
Kangana Ranaut is understood for her unapologetic attitude and outspoken nature. The fearless actress lately informed a main book that when she mentioned the pay disparity in Bollywood many actresses commenced fake articles about their salaries. And it’s no longer hard to guess that she is taking an indirect dig at her arch-rival Deepika Padukone right here.

People Expect Actresses To Sleep With Actors - Kangana Ranaut

a few months ago, it became mentioned that Deepika Padukone become paid Rs thirteen crore for Padmaavat. And it appears that evidently Kangana isn’t always too pleased with most of these reportshere‘s what she said..

this is The trouble
we’ve were given to together combat for it. ladies have such an inferior complex that they truely consider ki itna mil raha hai bahot hai, aur kya chahiye tumko (you’re already getting a lot. Why do you need extra?)”

Who stated i am no longer happy?
human beings tell me to my face: ‘Tumhara toh kuch nahi tha (you probably did no longer have something). you purchased a lot, and you’re still now not glad.’ Who said i’m no longer satisfied? You cannot determine what I deserve and how glad i am. We women should eliminate our inferiority complexes. If we do now not think of ourselves as same, how can there be equality?’

i’ve My homes due to the fact I Fought For Them
”To be sincere, I do no longer exit thinking that I should alternate society, or make it douchebag-freei’m an excellentindividualbut now not a splendid one. i’m preventing for my rights. If I appear to be i am combating for the relaxation of humanity, it’s far due to the fact fighting for your purpose can also lead to a collective cause. I needed to combat for my profession and the money that i get paid. i have my homes and homes due to the fact I fought for them; not because ofothers.”

People Expect Actresses To Sleep With Actors - Kangana Ranaut

people expect Actresses To Sleep With Actors
”You assume her to latch onto a huge shot… a large businessman or hero, sleep with him and be his mistress. this is as appropriate as it gets for a main girlis this what I worked for? No. i’m preventing for my rights due to the fact the condition of ladies is depressingif you do not want to latch onto a rich guythen you definately‘re kicked out becausethere’s constantly a more youthful character.”