‘Nimki Mukhiya’ actress Bhumika Gurung had a roka ceremony with beau; official engagement next month!

'Nimki Mukhiya' actress Bhumika Gurung had a roka ceremony with beau

TV actress Bhumika Gurung, who is currently playing the lead role of much-loved village belle ‘Nimki’ in popular ‘Star Bharat’ show ‘Nimki Mukhiya’, is getting appreciation for her performance in the show. As reported earlier, Bhumika is dating a choreographer named Amit Singh Gosain who is known as Keith in TV industry. Bhumika & Keith are in a relationship since a long time & the couple has finally taken their relationship to the next level. The couple recently had a secret roka ceremony.

Yes, Bhumika herself has confirmed the same to a leading daily.

Speaking about the same, she said, “I’ve had a roka ceremony, but I am not married yet.

Bhumika also revealed that their official engagement ceremony will take place next month.

Bhumika with boyfriend Keith (Photo: Instagram)

Speaking about the same, Bhumika further told TOI that, “We have not set a wedding date now, but I am getting engaged next month. Marriage can wait for some time till we get more settled in our careers. I met Keith many years ago through common friends and we hit it off really well. Even after marriage I will continue to work. I am exactly like my character Nimki in real life, too.

Bhumika Gurung aka village belle ‘Nimki’ from ‘Nimki Mukhiya’ is a STUNNER in real-life!

Bhumika & Keith are in a relationship since five years now. The couple also went through a break-up in between but got back together after a break of six months. Below are some pictures of Bhumika & Keith looking adorable together:

In September this year, there were reports that Bhumika & Keith have already exchanged nuptial vows in a secret ceremony. But later,