New ‘Smart Condom’ Detects STIs & Calculates How Many Calories You Burn During Sex

New ‘Smart Condom’ Detects STIs & Calculates How Many Calorie
Forget about Magnum, Lifestyle, Durex, and Trojan. The world’s first ‘smart condom’ was just unveiled, and it’ll blow your mind… maybe even in more ways than one.

Are you ready to take your sex life to a whole new level? Then look no further because the makers of the world’s first “smart condom” have finally revealed the “game-changing” device and you’ll be amazed by what it can do for you. Not only does it have the ability to “detect STIs and assess performance”, according to the Daily Mail, but it can also “calculate how many calories you burned during sex.” So, in some ways, it’s like a Fitbit for your penis! And in actuality, it’s not worn like a regular condom. Instead, the $80 i.Con Smart Condom is worn like a cock ring, at the base of the penis. It can also be used while wearing a regular condom.

British Condoms, the company the developed this new product, says the “smart condom” is “lightweight and water resistant”. Furthermore, with a nano-chip and Bluetooth capabilities built in, “it can provide a range of statistics to help improve the wearer’s sex life, including duration, speed, and girth measurements,” Daily Mail further claims. The device also calculates the amount of calories burned during sex, different positions, and can detect chlamydia and syphilis — sending all of this information to your smartphone, once you’ve downloaded the app to go with it. Fortunately for you, all information is kept anonymous, but for those who love oversharing, we’ve discovered that users “will have the option to share their recent data with friends, or, indeed the world.”

When fully charged, the “smart condom” can last 6-8 hours. So far, over 90,000 people have pre-ordered the product, and it will be released later this year. Aaron Slater, spokesperson for Nottingham-based British Condoms, not only confirmed those numbers, but he also said the i.Con “is a complete game-changer.”