Neha Kakkar & Himansh Kohli Unfollow Each Other On Instagram Post A Rumoured Break Up

Neha Kakkar & Himansh Kohli

Neha Kakar, Himansh Kohli (Source: Instagram | @kohlihimansh)

Neha Kakkar and Himansh Kohli recently started dating and were seen making many appearances together. The duo whose social media PDA was quite evident, looked quite cute together and fans couldn’t help but ship them. Neha and Himansh even featured in a music video together and things seemed to be going great for them.

However, in a world where everything this instant, there are hardly any relationships that last for long. Sadly, it seems like that might just be the case with them too. Neha and Himansh seem to have broken up and they made like most things these days, they made it Insta-Official by unfollowing each other.

Multiple posts of them together seem to have been deleted from the singer’s profile as well. We wonder what went wrong between the cute couple and if this is a lover’s spat or if they’ve called quits. However, both parties haven’t made a statement yet. *Sigh

Here are a few photos of the couple from before:

It’s sad to watch relationships just end like that, isn’t it?