Malaika, Lisa and other celebrities who’ll inspire you to start doing yoga


A yoga mat, a little willpower, and some motivation from your favourite celebrities.

Fitness is a topic we’d all like to avoid and go back to our weekly burger binges. Not that we’re against good meaty burgers, but a balance between your food and your health can surely take you a long way. You may end up with a glowing skin, a better body, and longevity of your life. No one even their right ming would say no to all of these results.

You’ll have to start somewhere. And who better than Nimrat Kaur, Lisa Haydon and Shilpa Shetty among others to give you a little push to get off your butt and on the mat?
Malaika, Lisa and other celebrities who'll inspire you to start doing yoga


This platinum haired bombshell seems like the person who never misses a day when it comes to fitness. Taking that into consideration, these photos of her working out with her sister would be a start to your journey on a healthier lifestyle.