Kim Kardashian Is Breaking The Internet Yet Again With This Nude Photo

Kim Kardashian (Source: Image Collect)

Kim Kardashian (Source: Image Collect)

What do I say about Kim Kardashian? She’s one of the most popular faces in the world, is married to a super successful and influential musician and rapper, has written two books on selfies, owns a fashion brand, and while she’s at it, she also lives her whole life on cameraand her Instagram. Kim is also probably solely responsible for half the world being obsessed with highlighting and contouring, and wearing waist-trainers. Need I add more about the reality star? Love her or hate her, you definitely cannot ignore her.

Whatever she does, it breaks the Internet. Remember when she posed naked for Paper Magazine a couple of years ago and that broke the Internet? The photo went viral with tons of people trying to ape her pose and of course, it later made for one of the funniest memes.

Kim is back at it again, but this time, she posed nude on a tree for a special project – for photographers Mert and Marcus‘s new book.  Check it out.