Here’s Why Raising Our Sons & Daughters With The Same Values Is All Important.

Sons & Daughters

A Still From The Ariel Ad

As much as we would want to believe otherwise, it’s very easy to notice how differently sons and daughters are raised in our society. It doesn’t really matter where they live or what background they come from, this common story represents a majority of the population on a global level. As little girls of today become the women of tomorrow, it’s important for them to have a voice and a mind of their own and that is exactly what we have been teaching our daughters. This has come behind a deliberate shift made by the last few generations of parents, to bring up their daughters to be strong and independent. But, as we speak about gender equality, we are missing the whole picture. There are some areas that we’re subconsciously ignoring which need our attention.

Recently, the one ad that really struck the right chord is Arie‘s Share The Load, a video that features a mother-son duo. Ariel has been talking about this for quite some time now, and we love their heartwarming and insightful take on this topic. In under a few minutes it beautifully portrays the disparity between raising a daughter and a son, and finally questions the main issue. Here’s the video we are talking about: