Here is our first impression of the first episode Naagin 3

Naagin 3
Naagin 3

Naagin 3 starts with the scene of a red snake making its way into the Shiva Temple. We see a woman lying on the floor. She is surrounded by snakes. It is Shivangi aka Mouni Roy. She gets up slowly.

A flashback is shown where Rocky (Karanvir Bohra) kills Shivangi. She is left wondering why her husband Rocky and father, Ritik killed her. She dies saying that the Naagin will return. The chapter of Shivangi ends. We are introduced to the next chapter that begins at a famous Lord Shiva ‘Maha Rudra’ temple close to Mumbai.

It is a 3000-year old Swayambhu Temple. Local villagers are praying there. A man Andy Sehgal (Chetan Hansraj) wants to demolish the temple to build a hotel there.

He does not listen to the villagers who talk about the importance of the temple, which is a favourite with serpents. They try to tell him that a curse will befall his family but he does not listen. The village folk say the snakes themselves protect the temple.

He tells his cronies to demolish the mandir. A storm comes and the priest warns him once again. They say the descendants of the snakes live in the haveli and they should not be disturbed. Andy Sehgal’s men begin their task but a storm comes.

The priests again warn him. They say a Naag-Naagin couple protect the temple. Andy says he is devil incarnate and will destroy the place.

The priest prays to Lord Shiva and the temple is infested with serpents. The workers flee the spot.