Behind The Scenes Photos Of Bollywood Stars Shows Difference Between Reel & Real


We Indians are a community extremely obsessed with celebrity culture since we love to believe in fiction. However, the unedited footage of the same characters is almost never allowed to reach us, hiding their real state and keeping us fixated on their ‘reel’ side. Here are some pictures that might just help us create a bridge between the two worlds.

Good Ol’ 90s

For some reason, this makes us feel weird. Can’t decide if the reason is Thakur with 4 limbs or Gabbar smiling so sweetly. Also, #bleedblue.

A Lucky Wall SRK Decided To Penetrate

We have five words, ‘Pogo’s Hole In The Wall’. Major nostalgia, by the way. The amount of questions we have is almost as much as we had after watching ‘Ra One’.

Not So Sexy Sunny

Behind The Scenes Pics of Bollywood Stars Showing Their True SelfPeople often say that being involved in the making of art spoils it for you. Whether you call this song a work of art or not is debatable, but watching this making definitely gave us an entirely different perspective towards the sexy scene we watched on screen. Her hard work is commendable.