11 Of Instagram’s Most Wanted Fashion & Beauty Brands

Wanted Fashion & Beauty Brands

Instagram's Most Wanted Labels

If you ever wondered how much value social media adds to our lives (apart from the scandalous ways of the Kardashians), it’s bound to be a considerable amount. Instagram is where things are at right now, TBH. And in today’s age of digital marketing, e-com and “influencing“, it’s not that difficult to purchase information or items. We follow, we see, we like, we buy. It’s an addictive cycle; one that many currently cannot stop or hit pause.

But have you ever thought about how you came to follow or buy that product/(s)? Many of the people you follow, like, repost or share certain brands and labels on their profile leading to a rise in our unquenchable need for them. And using IG to rise to the ranks, owning those designer labels, brand and products have become somewhat of a trend. Below are a few labels that did the rounds last year, and will continue to do so in 2019—because they’re just that good!

1. Off-White Industrial Belt

Designer Virgil Abloh created the industrial belt that turned into an internet sensation almost overnight. Every model, actor, celebrity and influencer either had it, wore it or wanted it.

They even designed the same for their bag straps.

2. Summer Fridays Mask

Masking has taken a more travel-friendly and aesthetically-pleasing approach. Summer Fridays launched early in 2018 and it has already managed to amass a following of almost 114k. Their Jet Lag mask is a one-of-a-kind hydrating cream face mask that can be used in multiple ways. Also, it’s a super cute addition to your flatlays.

3. Bicycle Shorts

Initially wore and sported by Kim Kardashian (shocker!), this fashion trend was pretty hot despite their actual athletic use. Bike shorts seems to have been spotted on fashion runways, streets and IG feeds, and have gotten paired with crop tops, sweaters and see-through blouses and just about anything

4. Gucci Logo Belt

Gucci‘s new logo belt was nothing but iconic in 2018. Not only was it the most consistently included item in the Lyst Index list, but it was the hottest selling fashion accessory too.

5. Louis Vuitton Ugly Sneakers

If you missed the ’80s party bus, don’t worry. The second half of 2018 saw these clumpy and quiet unattractive shoes posted on practically everyone’s feed. This year we see the ugly sneakers or dad shoes take things a little further.

6. Fenty Beauty Body Lava

Since moisturisers didn’t cut it, a body luminizer is where it’s at. Rihanna‘s Fenty Beautybody lava launch was by far the glow-iest and shiniest of products to launch. It helped makes the skin gloriously dewy and radiant.

7. Milk Makeup Kush Mascara & Brow Gel

CBD oil is having a major moment in the beauty and health industries. Milk Makeup‘s Kush brow gel and mascara was the beginning of a very cool trend in the makeup space. Hemp-derived cannabis oil helps hydrate and condition the brow and lash hair, which is why it became one of the most buzz-worthy products.

8. Dior Oblique Canvas Tote

No more than just a very, very stylish tote bag, this 3-month wait-list item is embroidery perfection at its best. Celebrities, A-listers and the biggest influencers in the fashion industry have been spotted sporting this canvas tote in not just one but two unique colours and prints.

9. Prada Flame Shoes

Even though they made their debut back in spring/summer 2012, these Prada shoes become a cult fave among the most famous influencers and models, especially during Fashion Week.

10. Nurse Jaime UpLift Roller

Something that’s equipped for the face and body, the UpLift Roller has been used by a ton of Hollywood celebrities. The unique hexagon shape holds 24 massaging stones and promises firmer and toned skin.